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Legal Astrology

Knowledge And Application Of Vedic Astrology For The Legal Profession

Legal Astrology Pilot Study (LAPS) Program

We are excited to introduce the Legal Astrology Pilot Study (LAPS) Program, particularly to people from the legal profession.

Through this program, we aim to astrologically analyse and study people who are related to the legal industry in order to assess how vedic astrology can make a positive difference in their profession.

Have you ever wondered why for some inexplicable reason, you lose a case in court and why for the same reason, you win a case?

You would have probably thought of it as luck that was or was not on your side.

Well, astrologers say that the result of any event is due to the planetary conditions. In other words, the occurrence of every event is created by the respective planets or a combination of planets. Put it this way - that even the luck factors depend very much on the planets, if you will.

For the purposes of the LAPS research carried out so as to benefit people in the legal profession, we have identified these few areas in which vedic astrology can play a strong and positive role:-

* Employing the right candidate into your firm
* Attracting clients
* Maintaining good relationship with subordinates and superiors
* Maintaining cordial relationship with clients
* Retaining clients on a long term basis
* Efficient marketing and business development
* Success at meetings with and in presentation to clients
* Success at interlocutory hearings, trials or cross-examinations
* Appearing persuasive before the Registrars, Judges or the Tribunal
* Successful invoicing and bill collection
* Improving organisational skills
* Effective stress management

Astrology, especially vedic astrology, is not superstition. It is also a law with rules and exceptions as complex as can be.