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Knowledge And Application Of Vedic Astrology For The Legal Profession

Horoscope of Vaithegi

This is the horoscope of a highly competent paralegal, Vaithegi.

The sign where the Ascendant is placed is referred to as the 1st house and the signs are then numbered accordingly in a clockwise direction.

Every house from 1 to 12 signifies certain area and aspects of life. The planets placed in the house and aspecting the house and also, the planet owning the house in question - all have to be studied before arriving at any conclusions concerning the said house.

There is another method of analysing a horoscope using the Sudarshana Chakra where all the three reference points, that is, the Ascendant, Moon and the Sun are considered.

This is again the horoscope of Vaithegi presented on a Sudarshana Chakra or a circular diagram.

In the innermost circle, the Lagna is treated as the first house and the chart is numbered accordingly. This is known as the Lagna or Ascendant Chart. The middle circle treats the sign where the Moon is placed as the first house and the other houses are numbered from that. The outermost circle treats the sign where the Sun is placed as the first house.

It is stated that a study from the 3 reference points namely, the Lagna, Moon and the Sun should be made when all 3 planets are positioned in different signs. If two or more of the said 3 planets are positioned in the same sign, then the reading should be given using only the Lagna Chart.