Vedic Astrology - Science Of Light  |   A Pilot Study By Mathina Maideen

Legal Astrology

Knowledge And Application Of Vedic Astrology For The Legal Profession

Horoscope Analysis

In order to get details or information from a horoscope, we first need to know what each of the signs or houses indicate.

Planets are also general indicators, that is, each planet gives general indications on the matters for which it is the general significator.

We need to consider both the general and specific indications given by the planets and the houses respectively before arriving at any conclusion or prediction in respect of any aspect of life in question.

Apart from the above, there are many planetary combinations, known as yogas, that could give rise to success, wealth and happiness. There are positive yogas which produce auspicious results and also, negative yogas which are adverse to the native.

Let us consider the horoscope of Vaithegi again.

There will be indications both from the houses and the planets generally, that would explain her success in the legal profession.

We need to identify the general planets and also the houses - those which attribute to her success in the legal field. And also, we need to take into account of any planetary combinations which may have contributed to Vaithegi's competence as a paralegal.