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Legal Astrology

Knowledge And Application Of Vedic Astrology For The Legal Profession

Indications of Houses

Each of the houses numbered from 1 to 6 signify various matters and these are mentioned in the table below, together with the matters that can be inferred therefrom, as relating to the legal profession generally.

Houses Signification

Appearance, complexion, vitality, happiness and misery, head, brain, body
This is one of the most important houses that can give many indications on the native including his personality, physical appearance, general disposition, temperament, intelligence, nature, character and mannerism which are all important aspects for the legal profession.

Financial assets, speech, face, wealth, family, eyes, firmness of mind, determination, tongue, pleasant oratorical ability
This house determines the native's ability to articulate well and have a conviction over thoughts and actions. It will indicate the individual's ability to attract or convince others through speech.

Valour, servants, subordinates, brothers and sisters, courage, physical strength, confusion of the mind, will power
The boldness and will power of an individual together with the authority and position in an organisation can be guessed from this house.

Conveyances, houses, happiness, mother, relatives, accumulation of wealth
This house ascertains the general happiness of the individual and also vehicle and home ownership.

Children, learning, knowledge, fortune
The knowledge and intelligence of an individual can be guessed from this house. The 5th house being a trinal house is a highly auspicious house.

Enemies, ulcers, diseases, debts, obstacles, sickness, theft, arguments
The ability to manage one's credit has to be determined from this house. This house is also important to ascertain the general health condition of an individual.