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Legal Astrology

Knowledge And Application Of Vedic Astrology For The Legal Profession

Indication of Houses 

The next houses numbered from 7 to 12 similarly signify various matters and these are mentioned in the table below, again, together with the indications that can be inferred therefrom, as relating to the legal profession generally.

Houses Signification

Spouse, travel, trade, partnerships, relationships
Short travels relating to business and also matters concerning partnerships in businesses can be determined from this house.

Misery, grief, fear, longevity, death, arguments, enemies, events of past and future births
Unfortunate events and bad luck associated to the profession can be guessed from this house.

Fortune, religion, guru, pilgrimage to holy places, fate, prosperity, auspiciousness, father
This house is the significator of general luck, prosperity, happiness and auspiciousness. Being a trinal house and also, a trine of trine, the 9th house is a highly auspicious house.

Business, occupation, livelihood, profession, father, honour, living in foreign lands, royalty, debts
Matters concerning the nature of profession, field of work, self-employment or business opportunities, overseas opportunities and any other matters in respect of the livelihood of an individual should be predicted from this house.

Income, prosperity, receipts, acquisitions, all types of gains
Active and passive income of an individual, the ability to attract money and wealth, salary, incentives, perks and all sorts of gains should be determined from this house.

Expenditure, punishment, death, imprisonment
All types of expenses including fines, taxes, levies, payments, rents, liabilities, buying of gifts for others and also, the liabilities of one's business, should be ascertained from this house.