Vedic Astrology - Science Of Light  |   A Pilot Study By Mathina Maideen

Legal Astrology

Knowledge And Application Of Vedic Astrology For The Legal Profession

An Introduction To Vedic Astrology 

So, we say that vedic astrology is not superstition and that it is a subject that can be studied and its rules experimented on.

Before we can introduce legal astrology, let us first look at the basics of vedic astrology and the methods of analysis.

It has to be highlighted however, that this brief introduction serves only as an overview of a few of the basic rules and principles of vedic astrology. It may give a preliminary understanding of the process involved in deriving at astrological predictions.

The matters discussed will help to give you some insight into how astrologers will make an assessment using the various methods and processes of vedic astrology.

It will also give you an opportunity to study and objectively, make an initial self assessment of yourself, particularly, in respect of the present and future prospects of your legal career. It is not wrong to say that you know yourself better than anyone else and as such, it may be one of the best ways to start an impartial assessment or experiment.

We have stated that Vedic Astrology is law not only because it will make a good analogy for the legal readers but also for the reason that it has equally complex conditions to be considered before a good astrological reading can be given.

As with law, there are many different ways to approach an issue and then, find solutions. Vedic astrology too has different schools of thought and as such, not all astrologers think alike or give similar predictions.

Having said that, it is the well-versed astrologer who will make the best predictions - like an experienced lawyer who will know which argument is likely to succeed in court!

We can now look at some basic information on the planets, the stars and the south indian format of the astrological chart that is used in vedic astrology.